About Water’s Next

At Water Canada, we hear and tell stories about our country’s energized leaders, innovative technologies, quality research, and unique solutions for water challenges. It’s refreshing news, and we want to share it with you.

Water’s Next is an annual collection of those incredible achievements. Each year, we profile some of the people, businesses, innovations, and collaborative projects that are making a difference in Canada’s waterscape and beyond. The Water’s Next selection committee, a group of water experts from varied disciplines from across the country, carefully review each nomination and choose each year’s profiles.

To coincide with Canada Water Week and World Water Day, the third annual Water’s Next supplement will be mailed with Water Canada’s March/April 2013 issue.

NEW THIS YEAR: We’re pleased to announce the brand new COLLABORATION category. This category is open to any and all partnerships are undertaking exciting new water projects. It could be anything — a bold foray into innovative treatment processes, a successful take on citizen science, an engaging new public education strategy — the key is collaboration. If your water project takes risks and involves several collaborators, we want to hear from you.


People (nomination form)

Change wouldn’t happen without dedicated, imaginative leaders driven to make a positive difference in the way we perceive and manage water. These individuals are making Canadians sit up and take notice, both at home and abroad. Click here to nominate a water champion.

Business (nomination form)

Water plays a role in any industry’s bottom line, and forward-thinking businesses can set the pace for its sustainable management. These companies are developing and incorporating trend-setting practices that frame water as a vital part of the big picture. Click here to nominate a Canadian business.

Innovation (nomination form)

When it comes to water, Canadians are thinking ahead. We’re developing efficient technology to fix our challenged municipal systems, we’re introducing new legislation that encourages innovation, and we’re perfecting new and old ideas. Click here to tell us who’s going to change the future.

Collaboration (nomination form)

Collaboration is key to success. These projects exemplify the good results that come from teamwork. This category features creative communities, consortia, think thanks, and teams that are coming together with the goal of a sustainable water future. Click here to tell us who’s working together well.