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Advancing Canadian Wastewater Assets

Category: Innovation

Steady Streams: Over a decade in the works, ACWA is about to make pilot testing history.

Just two weeks before his interview with Water Canada and over a decade after the project’s initial planning phase, Dr. Leland Jackson proudly observed the first running test... More

National Water and Wastewater Benchmarking Initiative

Category: Projects

Beyond Scorecarding: An eager network of utilities helps to track national performance.

In the late 1990s, David Main and his team at AECOM realized that Canada had only anecdotal information about water and wastewater utility performance. They also realized they... More

Algoma Orchards

Category: Projects

Not Far from the Tree: At Algoma Orchards, recycled water is vital for doing good business.

When Algoma Orchards outgrew its Whitby, Ontario location four years ago, the company moved to a larger farmland in Newcastle that offered a limited water supply. With no municipal... More

POLIS Water Sustainability Project

Category: Projects

Informed Consent: The POLIS Project combines activism and academia to help policy makers choose the best way forward.

The researchers and academics behind the University of Victoria’s POLIS Water Sustainability Project have their jobs cut out for them. Their mandate... More

Water and Environmental Hub

Category: Projects

Democratizing Data: WEHUB harnesses the web to provide Alberta with a powerful, public water database.

When then-Minister of Environment Jim Prentice announced the federal government’s desire to keep more accurate and up-to-date information around water and water... More

Wet Weather Flow Master Plan

Category: Projects

Calming the Storm: Toronto gears up to take the lead in wet weather management.

The last thing a city with world-class ambitions wants is to be recognized for its polluted waterfront.

So it was in 1987, when pollution led the City to post warnings along Toronto’s... More

Clearpath Robotics

Category: Business

Robots and Rivers: Clearpath’s automated Kingfisher heralds a new era for monitoring.

One of the major challenges we face today is developing a good understanding of the current condition of our water resources. For decades, we’ve used a variety of methodologies... More

Vinci Consultants

Category: Business

Urban Flow: Vinci Consultants helps cities maximize their natural benefits.

Human settlements are naturally concentrated around water bodies, but as cities develop, they can negatively impact the water environment upon which their very prosperity depends. Urban activities... More

Golder Associates

Category: Business

Around the World: Global experience gives Golder a competitive edge.

“We see water as a topic integral to sustainability. It’s essential in discussions about the environment, society, the economy, energy, land use, food security, and making decisions about natural... More


Category: Business

Lake Stewards: Aquality’s small, specialized team goes for big local impact.

As a kid growing up on a farm in southwestern Ontario, Jay White cultivated an interest in spring floods, hydrology, and wetlands. As an adult, he puts that passion to use at Aquality... More