Clearpath Robotics

Robots and Rivers: Clearpath’s automated Kingfisher heralds a new era for monitoring.

One of the major challenges we face today is developing a good understanding of the current condition of our water resources. For decades, we’ve used a variety of methodologies... More

Vinci Consultants

Urban Flow: Vinci Consultants helps cities maximize their natural benefits.

Human settlements are naturally concentrated around water bodies, but as cities develop, they can negatively impact the water environment upon which their very prosperity depends. Urban activities... More

Golder Associates

Around the World: Global experience gives Golder a competitive edge.

“We see water as a topic integral to sustainability. It’s essential in discussions about the environment, society, the economy, energy, land use, food security, and making decisions about natural... More


Lake Stewards: Aquality’s small, specialized team goes for big local impact.

As a kid growing up on a farm in southwestern Ontario, Jay White cultivated an interest in spring floods, hydrology, and wetlands. As an adult, he puts that passion to use at Aquality... More


Old Dog, New Trick: Coca-Cola gets sweet on water conservation.

When water makes up almost 90 per cent of the product that you produce, even the smallest conservation effort can make a difference. When you’re a corporation with global reach that sells 1.7 billion... More