Josephine Mandamin

Foot Patrol: When it comes to her efforts to protect Canada’s Great Lakes, Josephine Mandamin walks the walk—literally.

In the spring of 2012, Josephine Mandamin, an Anishinabe elder originally from the Wikwemikong Unceded Reservation on Manitoulin Island in northern... More

Brent Wootton

A Group Effort: Hard work and a good team are the keys to Brent Wootton’s success.

At an early age, Brent Wootton learned the importance of symbiosis. His eco-education started with walks by a stream with his mother. “She used to point out the frogs and turtles... More

Terry Rees

Common Sense Revelation: Terry Rees is helping people understand the importance of protecting freshwater resources one conversation at a time.

Terry Rees’ environmental credentials match up favourably with just about anyone this side of David Suzuki. The executive... More

Kevin Freedman

25-Litre Hero: In his own home, Kevin Freedman puts global water use into perspective.

Kevin Freedman is up early, taking his six a.m. sponge bath. The bucket he’s using is filled with water from his daily allotment and when it’s time for his final rinse, he accidentally... More

Karen Bakker

Border Crossings: Professor Karen Bakker tackles transboundary issues with flair.

Karen Bakker’s voice is strong and clear as she explains how, as an undergraduate student at McMaster University, she learned that people in Hamilton had no access to the lake at that... More